Voici les Compétences de Sorcier issues de la vidéo Leak du 14/4

Le Numéro figurant devant le nom du sort est le level auquel la compétence se débloque et devient donc « achetable » via un point de compétence.
Le « I » en chiffre romain signifie qu’il s’agit de la première variante du sort.



34. Anti-magic Field I
(Instant, 29m. range / 8m. radius, 250 Ultimate, No cooldown)
For 8 seconds :
Dispel enemy magic effects in area
Enemies casting in area will be silenced for 5 secondes and take heavy damage


0. Encase I > requires 1 skill point
(Instant, 15 meter radius, 70 Magicka, No cooldown)
Immobilize enemies infront of you for 3.6 secondes

4. Deadric Mine I
(Instant, Self, 84 Magicka, No cooldown)
Summon 3 mines for 33 seconds.
Mines take 3 seconds to arm, then deal 5 Magic damage to nearby enemies
Enemies damaged by mines are immobilized for 1.5 seconds

14. Rune Prison I
(1.5 second cast, 28 meter range, 42 Magicka, No cooldown)
Disorient enemy for 15 seconds
Targets have increased health regeneration while affected

24. Dark Exchange I
(4 second channel, Self, No cost, No cooldown)
While channeling:
Restore health and magicka
Drains 20% stamina per second

50. Repulse I
(Instant, 5 meter radius, 46 Magicka, No cooldown)
Nearby eneies are knocked back 6meters and snared 45% for 4 seconds


8. Unholy Knowledge
(Passive, Self)
Reduce ability mgicka and stamina costs by 5%

19. Blood Magic
(Passice, Self)
Hitting an enemy with one of your dark magic spells heals you for 5% max health

29. Coontroller
(Passive Self)
Increase duration of your dark magic spells by 20%

39. Exploitation
(Passive Self)
Increase critical strike rating by 150% when attacking targets affected by daedric magic




14. Summon Storm Atronach I
(Instant, 28m. range / 8m. radius, 200 Ultimate, No cooldown)
Summons an immobile storm atronach to tardeted location for 12 seconds
Enemies in the area are stunned for 3 second and take 15 shock damage


0. Unstable Familiar I > requires 1 skill point
(Instant, Self, 78 Magicka, No cooldown)
Summon a familiar to attack enemies for 1 minute

4. Daedric curse I
(Instant, 28 meter range, 39 Magicka, No cooldown)
Enemy cursed for 3 seconds, when effect completes all nearby enemies take 12 Magic damage
Only 1 curse may be active atr a time

24. Summon Winged Twilight I
1.5 scond cast Self 95 Magicka No cooldown
Summon a Winged Twilight to attack nearby enemies for 1 minute
Taunts nearby attackers

34. Bound Armor I
(Instant, Self, 70 Magicka, No cooldown)
While toggled on :
Gain 150 armor
Magicka regeneration decreased by 25%

50. Conjured Ward I
(Instant, 20 meter radius, 53 Magicka, No cooldown)
Create a 18 point damage shield on self and summoned creature for 15 seconds
Absorbs 75% of damage taken


8. Power Stone
(Passive, Self)
Reduce cost of ultimate abilities by 15%

19. Rebate
(Passive, Self)
Receive 12% max magicka when one of your summons is killed

29. Daedric Protection
(Passive, Self)
Increase healtg regeneration rate by 20% while you have a summon ability slotted

39. Expert Summoner
(Passive, Self)
Your summoned creature gain the foolowing bonuses :
Winged Twilight – Duration increased 50%
Familiar + Clannfear – Movement speed increased 20%
Atronatch – Range increased 20%




24. Overload I
(Instant, Self, 125 Ultimate, No cooldown)
WHile toggled :
Light and heavy attacks are replaced with empowered version that cost ultimate


0. Mages’ Fury I > requires 1 Skill Point
(Instant, 28 meter range, 25 Magicka, no cooldown)
Deals 7 Shock damage
Enemies below 20% health take 13 Shock damage

4. Bolt Escape I
(Instant, Self, 53 Magicka, No cooldown)
Stuns nearb enemies for 1.5 seconds
Teleport forward 15 meters

14. Lightning Splash I
(Instant, 28m. range / 4m. radius, 53 Magicka, No cooldown)
Leave a pool of ligtning for 5 secondes that deals 4 Shock damage every 1 second
An ally in the area may activate Conduit, instantly shocking enemies for 11 Shock damage

34. Surge I
(Instant, Self, 70 Magicka, No cooldown)
For 10 seconds :
Increase power by 4

50. lightning Form I
(Instant, Self, 49 Magicka, No cooldown)
For 6 seconds :
Take 30% less damage
Deal 1 Shock damage to nearby enemies every 1 second


8. Capacitor
(Passive, Self)
Increase magicka regeneration by 10%

19. Energized
(Passive, Self)
Increase damage of your lightning magic abilities by 5%

29. Disintegrate
(Passive, Self)
Your lightning spells have 10% chance to instantly disintegrate low health targets

39. Expert Mage
(Passive, Self)
Reduce the cost of your lightning spells by 10%